Another week and another great addition to our Med Spa service list! Inner Glow Spa now offers Revanesse® VersaTM to help fight the signs of aging. Revanesse® VersaTM is a multi-purpose dermal filler that leverages state-of-the-art production methods, optimal ingredients and rigorous quality testing to provide remarkable results.

It was developed for those who expect the best when it comes to aging gracefully. The results are natural and long lasting. Revanesse® provides optimal smoothness and volume that will have you looking your best. Most importantly, Revanesse® is tried and tested, with over 1 million syringes used worldwide since 2002.

Its’ biocompatible and biodegradable formula breaks down naturally over time and is produced in small batches to ensure high quality standards and freshness. If you have questions about Revanesse® or any type of dermal filler, give Dr. Ilona Shternfeld a call today!