Do Med Spa services like facials, fillers and micro needling sound like a little too much fuss for manly skin? Let’s face it, sometimes there’s a stigma surrounding men and skincare. But, the truth is, men deserve great skincare options, too, especially as they age. There’s no shame in cosmetic procedures for men that will help reverse the clock and boost their confidence. If you’re still skeptical, here are three reasons why men should consider med spa treatments.

1. Testosterone = More Oil Generally speaking, men have higher testosterone levels than women which causes more oil. You probably also know that oil can clog pores and cause problems like breakouts. One effective (and preventative) treatment option is micro needling. This will help professionally remove dirt and oil keeping your pores clear. As an added bonus, micro needling also works to make pores smaller!

2. You’ll look younger. This is actual science. Proper routine skincare techniques can help you treat your current skin issues as well as prevent future issues associated with aging. Dr. Shternfeld can help you find a daily skincare product line that works for you as well as any non-surgical treatments that can accelerate the process.

3. Broad treatments. Remember, med spas, like Inner Glow Spa, are a huge step above regular spas. Med spas offer more than facials and massages. We offer revolutionary medical treatments that deliver customized skincare solutions. Our services are administered by board-certified doctors with access to exclusive treatments. Med spas help you treat your skin issues in a professional and soothing environment.

This Father’s Day, consider booking dad a service at Inner Glow Spa! He’ll love the results and we’re offering 20% off The Vivace Experience to our new clients. Call Dr. Ilona Shternfeld today to book dad this exclusive state of the art treatment only available at Inner Glow Spa (860) 999-4865.