Inner Glow Spas now offers one of the hottest trends in beauty- microblading! Let our brow artist and licensed aesthetician, Korina, transform your entire look with a pair of semi-permanent, perfectly groomed brows that can last for a year or more! Before you get started, let us answer a few common questions about the service.

How does it work? Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing procedure that uses a pen made of super fine needles. Pigment is applied creating fine, hair-like strokes that look natural.

Is it permanent? No, unlike forms of permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing, microblading is only semi-permanent. The pigments are more superficial than a regular tattoo so, over time, they will naturally fade.

How long will results last? We expect results to last around 1 year or more. Once your brows do start to fade, you can rebook a maintenance appointment.

How long will the appointment take? Around 2.5-3 hours but no two brows are the same! Remember, microblading is an art. Korina will work to draw, shape and outline your brows for a perfect look.

What are some of the benefits of microblading? Microblading can do amazing things for your face and entire look! A perfectly groomed pair of brows can help frame, shape and provide a more youthful appearance that helps define you features. You can also say goodbye to daily tweezing, plucking and other time-consuming grooming hassles.

Will it hurt?  Prescription grade topical numbing cream is available at the Inner Glow Spa to make this procedure comfortable.